Faith explained??!

As I try to add more info about Faith to this site, I guess I better start with Webster’s definition 1st.

Faith; noun 1. Belief in God, revelation or the like; as, soundness of faith; esp, orthodoxy in theology; in a practical religious sense, trust in God.

2. Fidelity to one’s promise or allegiance to duty, or to a person; loyalty.

3. That which is believed; esp a system of religious beliefs.

4. Complete confidance, esp in someone or something open to questuions or suspicion.

Wow!, that’s from the 1956 edition.

Looking on the internet under Faith, the def is still pretty much the same.

I have intended for this site to utilize the 1st def!! ;~D …

I would hope that other migth add their own ideas about

Faith Explained.

Till next time.


Hello and Welcome

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