My Story pt 1

I’m not one to talk about myself, but in order to help explain what I’m looking for, here I go.


My faith journey start like this;


In a galaxy far far away. no wait, wrong start ;~D

I guess my journey begins way back to my Sunday School days of my youth. Vivid images of learning the stories of how God created everything there is, The story of Adam and Eve in the garden and how the whole plan was thrown out of wack with the bite out of the forbidden fruit. How sin came into the world and has grown ever since.

I remember the other stories as well, but the story that hit home is how God had his own son, Jesus Christ, become human, grow with us, be one of us, and then DIE on the cross for our sins.

I remember the songs we all just had to learn. Yes Jesus love’s me was one of the easiest and one that is hard for some people, I have learned, just can’t seem to grasp.

Because the Bible told me so… How many wonderful things has the Bible told us that we just can’t seem to grasp?

Maybe this is the reason Jesus gave us the parable of, unless you become like a child, to be abel not to question the why, just to accept what we are taught to do!!!

More to follow in part two.