My Story part 3



My, oh my, how time flies!!

Here it’s now November and I’m just now getting back.

I am pleased with the input that’s coming from those who visit, and I hope that they are getting something out of the information.

In trying to make myself write down what I feel is in my Faith Story, I don’t want to drag out any redundant blabber.

I noticed a reply in part 1, which said what if I’m wrong.

Well I’ve been wrong about so many things, but I always keep coming back to my roots in my beliefs. Its kind of hard to put into words by what I mean by this, but here we go.

After being brought up in a religious based family, notice the carefully placed words. Now, don’t get me wrong. By no means was the family a totally functional family. We (my sister and I) knew from the get go what the difference from right and wrong. Mom did what she could to correct us, but we knew what it meant by the words, wait till your father gets home!!!

However, we made it to Church almost every Sunday, then came the time of Confirmation, We’re now Confirmed Members of the Church. Time to take what we’ve learned and apply it.. We drifted in and out of Church, and then just quit going altogether. But, somehow always managed to ponder what God was all about.

Finished High School and joined the Navy. Found myself overseas and that’s when it finally sunk in. What Faith was all about?

Growing up in small town Midwest USA, one didn’t see all there was too see. Boy, talk about a wakeup call. Finding one not quit all alone, but close enough, at this young age of 18 I found myself looking for deeper answers to even deeper questions.

That, I believe is when I realized and for the first time understood the song “ The Church’s one foundation” and how it now applied to me.

What Jesus Christ had and has done for me and for all mankind.

Not to get to the question from part 1.

What if I’m wrong….

I have heard that the following is someone’s law, but can’t remember who’s.


If when I die, believing there is a God, and find out there is no God. What have I lost?


However, if when I die, not believing there’s a God, and there is one! What have I lost!!!?


I strongly feel (BELIEVE) that if when I die believing in God, and whose Son Jesus Christ, die for my sins and has made it possible through God’s own Grace to enter in God’s Kingdom, and that I will end up in that Kingdom on judgment day. And there is no God. I have not lost a single thing.


But, on the other hand, spending eternity in the lake of fire…


Till next time

Yours in Christ