Christmas 07

Well here it is Christmas, one of the most Holy days in Christ’s life.
Who all got what they wanted for Christmas? How many jumped up and down with joy when they found out that they got just what they wanted?

Now, for the tough question! How many know what the best Christmas present there is?

Give up?

Well in my humble opinion. Christ, himself, is the present we all should have jumped up and down for JOY about.

How many kids today don’ even know what the true meaning of Christmas is all about? But think all December 25 means is presents under an evergreen tree and what goodies am I going to get.

I hope that I’m getting the true message behind Christmas, too my kids.  I hope that thy just don’t think, well, we gotta go do some sort of show at Church again.

That the Christmas Tree, the songs sung, and the gifts exchanged all have a part in trying to understand what God did for us when Jesus came to Earth to become a human being. What it means when Jesus walked among us not as God, but as a human. When Jesus answered the call from above and became the most prefect sacrifice for us all.
What happened when Jesus died upon the Cross for our sins. What the meaning of the resurrection is all about and how Easter Sunday has the better present.

I hope that all who read this enjoy my ramblings and just might get something out of them.

May this day of Christmas find you with peace and joy.

Till next time.

In Christ