Made it back! :~)

Wow! Long time no write. So, but have been on an extended Journey…

As we try to make time for all there is to do in God’s plan, I’ve noticed these never enough “time” to do all we want.

Take for instance, this summer.

I took a journey to a program from the South – Central Illinois Synod, the Northern Illinois Synod, and the Metro Chicago Synod called Leadership Lab. This program is designed for young adults, from freshman in High School through College, along with older adults to teach, show, and provide guidance to become leaders in the Church and in life.

This was my first time going to this lab (older adult group), but not as a student, as a guider/teacher. Boy did I learn something..

As we go through life, we are challenged to learn/adapt to the world, people come into our lives who make us see things differently. I had the great opportunity to “adapt” at this Lab by all the people I met.

What made me “adapt” the most, was the group of “kids” I had the opportunity to learn from. It’s amazing what one can see about the world when one sits back and watch and listen. Here I thought I had started a good Faith Journey, but these “kids” have passed me by. It was great to see that when all we hear about is doom and gloom about how the Church is dieing. Well, with this group (Daddy Rabbit) the Church is very much alive!!

It just amazes me how when a group of people who all have been “in” the Church, can have such a grear time with total strangers.

How interesting it was to was all these peolpe come from diffrent areas in a State, diffrent Church upbringing, and diffrent lifestyles├é┬áto look at each other on Monday. Watch them through the week and then on Saturday, act like they are lossing the best friend for live…

I hope and pray that all those involved, keep each other in mind each night as they say their prayers, and try to stay in touch.

I see that two people from “Lab” have signed up as members, I hope that they add to the jopurney.

Now, hopefully next insalation won’t be 10 months from now!!!

Till next time

Yours in Christ