My, my, my it seems I take longer to write then what I would like, but I feel I need to put something worth while for any to read.

Talk about a lop sided journey. I’m talking about this week for Jesus.

We start the week off riding a small donkey in a big parade through town on Sunday, have a Last Supper, pray so hard you actually have blood coming out of your pours, get betrayed by a friend, get arrested, get denied by your closest friend, have a court session with the Church Leaders on Thursday, and then, brought in front of the Roman Empire, beaten, mocked, whipped, made to carry your own interment of death, and put to death on the cross on Friday.

This is called Holy week/Passion week. Seems to me this was the week from hell. But this is where Jesus was supposed to be on Saturday, according to the Apostle’s Creed.

Something tells me the were no ice cubes on this trip…

Makes one wonder what could of happened on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday??


I’m sure if I’d go back and reread Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John I’d find the answer, but it’s never really been emphases on what occurred.


What did occur is this.


The Son of God took the cup that was passed to him from his Father. This cup was filled with all of our transgressions. Jesus did this for the sake of us all! In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed for this cup to pass, not of his will, but of the Fathers will.


God, in his very own special way, knew the time was right for all of the Old Testament Prophecies to be fulfilled. That the Lamb was ready, the world was ready, and the people were ready. It just seems that Gods chosen people, the Israelites, were not and still are not ready to accept that Jesus is the one.


Now, what is called Good Friday, Jesus is Crucified for our sins! Not his sins, BUT OURS!!! He does this willingly, for he knows what will happen. It takes some of those who followed Jesus until the day after the Sabbath to find out what has happened. It takes some of the Disciples till the end of the day to figure it out, and one doubting Thomas a visual to understand.


What is there to understand? The fact the Jesus did something that only the Son of God could do. What’s that you say? Jesus defeated death! Yes, he has been resurrected, brought back from the dead, has been redeemed, and last but not least, kicked Satan’s butt!!


Thus we now celebrate this day and call it EASTER.


And you all thought it had to do with a gene modified rabbit who brought in the eggs!!!

Till next time


Yours in Christ