No Fear Got Faith:

All came about after reading a passage in the book of Mark, 4th chapter, 40th verse: "WHY ARE YOU AFRAID, HAVE YOU NO FAITH"


After this passage had sunk in, it occurred to me that the sign   "NO FEAR"

was incomplete. Why would one not be afraid?


The second part; Got Faith is nothing more than a spin of "GOT MILK"


Then the paraphrased came! "NO FEAR, GOT FAITH"


The reason for this website, is to provide a place where a person can go and explore what Faith is all about.


I want this site to be:

1.     Useful in ones Faith journey.

2.     A reference starting point on and about Faith

3.     A friendly environment to share ones Faith experiences in the forum.


Thanks for your interest in "NO FEAR, GOT FAITH"


I hope you enjoy this website and share your "Faith Journey" experiences with us.


--- "Faith Journey" blog coming soon!